Thursday, December 9, 2010


One of the best parts of Christmas, I think, is getting to see the ornaments we have collected over the years. And the most precious to me these days are the ones that Kara has made over the years. This button and glitter covered tree was from the year she was in the threes class in preschool. One of my best parenting decisions was to write the dates on the back of her ornaments. When I turn this tree around and see 2008 written on the back, I can't help but remember what my little bunny was like two years ago. So sweet, and earnest and a little nervous about the baby in mommy's belly as she called her brother in utero.

 It's hard to tell, but this one says 2007 on the back. She was two. I think that making this ornament entailed the kids gluing the wing on the dove and stringing the ribbon through the hole. I remember coming in to her classroom and how excited she was to show me all of the things she liked to play with.

This one was from last year. I love the way she colored in the clothespin legs. I love that the googly eye has fallen off. I love the sweet red ribbon.

This one is from this year. She didn't make it. She bought it for me. Kara's elementary school hosts a fundraiser where kids can shop in a holiday store run by Ten Thousand Villages, a store that sells fair trade crafts. I dutifully gave her five bucks to spend in the store and help fund the whatever the PTA has planned next. I absolutely expected her to buy a trinket for herself. As it turned out, her class went to the shop a couple of days after my birthday, and Kara decided that I needed another present. It just about broke my heart with happiness when she excitedly showed me the ornament she bought all by herself, just for my mommy. The ornament is lovely, but the spirit of generosity that it symbolizes is the best gift ever.

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