Sunday, December 19, 2010

A New Favorite and a "Challenge"

One of my favorite pastimes in the blogging world is looking for good book blogs. Much like foodie blogs or mommy blogs, I think the best book blogs are written by people who manage to be personal without being inappropriate, opinionated without being overbearing, smart without being self-satisfied and funny without being too impressed by their own wit. As you can tell, I have high standards.

One of my new favorites is Life...with Books. Written by Jenners, it is both a great source of book reviews and a window into the life of this very witty stay at home mom. Jenners meets the most important criteria for a personal blog: she seems like a woman I would want to hang out with, like the kind of person I would want to talk to at a party, or lunch, or better yet over drinks. She seems cool in the best sense of the word. It doesn't hurt that she has, in my humble opinion, very good taste in books - in that her tastes are similar to mine.

To mark the beginning of the new year, Jenners has posted a Take a Chance Challenge. The 10 categories give you ways to find your next book and perhaps read something out of your wheelhouse. If you are dorky blogger like me, you can link your posts about the books you read back to Jenners' site. But if you are less of a nerd, you could just use her list as a template for choosing books. I tend to read what the kids I tutor read or what my book group is reading. Beyond that, my book choices can be pretty haphazard, so I am looking forward to a little, just a little, structure for this year. Besides, the competitive side of me likes the idea of a challenge. 

So, if you too crave some reading guidance, check out Jenners' blog and her 2011 challenge. Happy Reading!

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  1. Wow ... thanks for the great shout-out! That is so nice. Though I'm pretty sure I'd be a HUGE disappointment if you ever met me in person... I'm awkward and nerdy. : )

    And we seem to have a lot in common ... I'm a dorky blogger too! : )