Monday, November 22, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Clean Out

This will never do.
So this is what the inside of my refrigerator looks like today. This is a problem. I am about to cook a Thanksgiving dinner and then store leftovers, of which there will be tons.

So, I have proclaimed the next three days, clean out our fridge days. That's right, it's all leftovers all the time until Thursday. Then we'll start another parade of leftovers on Friday. Possibly Thursday night.

Here's my tentative plan:
Tonight - Quesadillas with the beans, steak from last night, and sauteed veggies from Saturdays calzone dinner with Josh, shredded cheese that is taking up way too much room..
Tuesday - Stir fry with broccoli from Sunday dinner, peppers, snap peas.
Wednesday - Pasta with whatever vegetables linger, 1/2 container of ricotta and meatballs.

In addition, I have charged Dave with eating the remaining tuna and egg salad from the weekend for lunch this week. Jamie and I did our part and finished up the eggplant casserole and penne for lunch today.

I think it can be done. Wish me luck!

PS: Coming soon, Dave will post about some beer recommendations for Thanksgiving. He is still "researching."

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