Monday, November 1, 2010


Despite her disappointment that we didn't decorate our lawn with cobwebs, Kara had a great Halloween last night. Somehow, Halloween has expanded to become at least a week long event. Starting with pumpkin carving at Dave's parents, continuing with the classroom party, school parade and culminating with a walk in the neighborhood.

I think Kara's favorite part was getting to wear nail polish and the "creepy" rings her Nana always gets the kids.

 As you can see, Dave's parents get into the spirit. Kara's comment: "I wish our house looked more like Nana and Poppy's." (Note to self: Get the cobwebs next year.)

And I am a little disturbed by how excited both kids were to see that our neighborhood got tp-ed.

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  1. The fact that their father was giddy as a school kid about the neighborhood TP job probably didn't help much.