Monday, August 29, 2011

That Time of Year

I have been a blogging slacker of late. My primary excuse is that my life is a little hellish right now.  It turns out that being a single mom most of the week with two kids at home all day and no naps anymore is really fracking hard. So hard that the thought of being on the computer after all the bedtime rigamarole is just really unappealing. My secondary excuse is that we were on vacation.(I intend to post photos this week for sure.) My final excuse is that it's canning time.

Last year I wrote about my deeply entrenched and completely insane tomato anxiety issue. I would like to say that this has abated over the year, but the fact that we actually used all of the tomatoes I canned and froze last year has only exacerbated the problem. On Friday I actually drove to Shady Maple Farm Market in Lancaster to buy five big boxes (about 1/2 bushel each) of plum tomatoes. (Huge Huge thanks to Marissa at Food in Jars for the lead on this really cool market.) And over the past two days, I have peeled, seeded, chopped and preserved all of those suckers. You know you have issues when it is 9:30 on Sunday night and you and your husband are not even half way done making salsa.

We did most of the heavy lifting yesterday, but I had one more recipe to make today. It is the most delicious tomato jam. I found the recipe last year on Food in Jars. Even if you aren't really into canning. Even if you don't have a bizarre need to freeze dozens of bags of tomato sauce. That is, even if you are a normal person, you should make this jam. All you need is 5 lbs of tomatoes, sugar, a little ginger and a few spices. It is so easy and delicious - makes a great holiday gift for a host, teacher, friend etc. Not for nothing, it also makes your kitchen smell fabulous.

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