Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cape Cod Adventure

Last weekend I took the kids on a trip up north to see my grandmother in Boston and then visit with my friend Ellie and her lovely children on Cape Cod. While there were a few rough patches - with four kids, two moms, no dads and a lot of activity, that's to be expected - overall it was a wonderful adventure. I love that our children are developing a friendship that seems to transcend time and distance apart. The more they play, the more El and I get to actually talk to each other.

Though I am clearly biased, I think they were the cutest kids on the Cape, too. A few picture to support this claim...

Jamie - Hamming it up at our last dinner.

Luke - looking so much like his dad, it's scary.

The kids graciously agreed to sit for a picture...if I got them ice cream as payment. Sharks!

I love this portrait of Catharine - totally captures her impish charm.

I tried to get Ellie her Christmas card shot, but the kids wouldn't sit any closer together.

Ellie tried to get a picture of me with both kids - tickling was necessary to produce smiles.

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  1. Great picture! Looks like an awesome place! :)