Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tobermory Vacation

Well, we've been back from our vacation to my mom's place in Tobermory for almost a month, so I suppose it's time to actually post some of the amazing pictures from our trip. (You may be asking, "Where the heck is Tobermory? Here you go.)

Josh, who has joined us on our yearly jaunt three times now, gave the best description of a Tobermory vaction: "There isn't much to do...except relax and look at a lot of beautiful stuff." These sunset shots are a pretty perfect example of the incredible beauty of the place.

Tobermory has also been the setting for some of our best family shots.

Kara & my mom exploring the lake.

Kara giving Jamie some kind of Canadian sand treatment.

Daddy's girl

Kara and I at the Grotto. That's a cliff we are standing on. Nervous mommy.
This year Dave got some particularly cute shots of Jamie.

Thanks to Josh for this one.

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  1. Great blog-looks like an awesome getaway! I can't wait until my twins get a little older so we can also enjoy some of these fun family activities! Thanks!