Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sick Food

Our family has been under siege - for the last two weeks at least one member of our brood has been ill. Kara kicked it off with what for her was a mild cold. Jamie joined in on the fun with the added bonus of getting his two year molars. Good times. Then I got a cold, too, but in my case it turned from mild to horrendous. Every day another iteration of this virus cropped up. Runny nose, cough, sore throat, cough, clogged ears, cough. Just when I thought we might be out of the woods, Dave came down with a stomach bug (the lower GI variety) and on Monday night I got that bug too! (The very unpleasant upper GI kind.) Seriously!?!?

Yesterday, for the first time in over a decade, I spent the entire day in bed. (I can whole heartedly recommend Test of Wills by Charles Todd as a sick day read.) Thank goodness for my family and their willingness to care for the kids. I can honestly say there was no way I was capable of being a mom yesterday.

So after a day of ingesting one piece of toast, one cup of noodles (aka sodium stew), and a gallon of ginger ale, I was ready for something a little more substantial. This morning I made myself a classic "sick food" - soft boiled egg on toast. This is the meal my mom would make me whenever I was sick, and it still evokes all of the memories of having my mom take care of me as a little girl.

Here's what you do:
-Take one or two eggs out and put them in a bowl of warm water to prevent cracking.
-Fill a small pot with water and when the water is up to a boil, gently put the eggs in. Cook for four minutes.
-Toast one or two slices of bread, butter them and tear into small pieces into a bowl.
-Remove eggs from water, crack with a knife and scoop out the egg. Ideally, the white will be firm, not hard, and the yolk will be runny. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I promise eggy toast will make even the sickest kid, or mommy,  feel better.

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