Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Office Do-Over

When we moved into our house two years ago, we painted all but three of the rooms. I look back on that time and I can't believe that we were able to get it all done, especially since Jamie was only a month old and my contributions were limited by the need to stop every couple of hours and nurse. Crazy. (That little anecdote encapsulates the difference between first and second babies. When I had Kara, we spent the whole summer sitting around ogling her. When I had Jamie, we packed up our home, moved in to a new house, and painted practically every room while he snoozed in the car seat.)

Last spring, we took on the major job of painting the entire kitchen - walls and cabinets. This was a huge undertaking, but the results are great. I look back on pictures of our old kitchen and can't believe how crappy it looked. Obviously, Dave and I are apt to take on a big job once we get the notion that a room needs some updating. And I have to say, we have become excellent painters over the years. We are neat, efficient and relentless once we get going.

Last weekend we took on our office. This room was such a disaster. Cluttered, claustrophobic and all around dismal to work in. That has all changed. We painted the entire room, ceiling to baseboards. I failed to take "before" pictures, but trust me the colors in this room were horrendous. Chalky blue on the walls and a strange peachy beige on the woodwork and ceiling. Can anyone explain to me why in the name of all that is good on Earth anyone paints a ceiling anything but white? Same goes for woodwork in my book. Why? Why?

Anyway...Here are some "after" pictures. We have to hang pictures etc., but the basic stuff is up.

The  desk will never be this neat again. Ever. 

One day in the distant future (like when we get our tax refund) there will be a small desk for me under these shelves. We love these Ikea shelves. They are are great for big spaces like an entire wall...

...Or small spaces like a window alcove.

I am making a real attempt to be more organized. On that front, we purchased a bunch of cute boxes, also from Ikea. This one is holding the hodgepodge of stationary I have collected over the years.

 Look! I even cleaned up the nightmare that was our closet.

More cute Ikea boxes for saved school work and the endless stream of school supplies we seem to collect.

Yes, this office project was apparently sponsored by Ikea. Makes me think of the Dust Brothers' song from the Fight Club soundtrack "This Is Your Life" -- Brad Pitt/Tyler Durden intones: "I say may I never be content/I say deliver me from Swedish furniture/I say deliver me from clever art."  A great, yet ironic, workout song.

Special thanks to my mom and Susan for all of their help with the kids and everything else - without them, there would be definitely not be any homeowner projects like this. You are the best!

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  1. I see the little imperfections on those shelves, proof they were crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous peoples of... wherever.

    Do you guys now know what office set defines you as a person?