Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picky Eaters

One of my favorite foodie blogs is Dinner, A Love Story. Not only does the blogger, Jenny Rosenstrach, include excellent recipes, she has a wonderful sense of humor. She never lets us forget that she is a real mom with real, often persnickity kids. Her husband, Andy, often posts too. Much like his wife, Andy is funny, wise and cuts right to heart of what its like to try to raise "good eaters." (Full disclosure: both Andy and Jenny went to my college alma mater -- but I liked the blog even before I realized this connection.)

This most recent post, A Picky Eater Taxonomy,by Andy, came at just the right moment since both of my children pretty much rejected the dinner I made tonight. (More on that tomorrow.)

This one goes out to all the picky eaters, and the parents who put up with them...I mean love them.

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