Monday, April 25, 2011


Kara was home for spring break last week, so we had the chance to spend lots of time together which was, for the most part, a really good thing. (I did think I was going to go crazy at one point on Wednesday, but we rebounded nicely by dinner time.) On Friday it was pouring rain, so Kara and I spent Jamie's nap time dying Easter eggs. Now we are not an especially religious family, but we do love us a holiday tradition. So it is no surprise that our daughter has come to love Easter. I think this is largely explained by the fact that her Easter basket is like a spring time Christmas stocking filled with goodies. (My friend Katie made the very astute point that the Easter Bunny would seem to undermine the supernatural credibility of Santa. Kids don't seem bothered by the potential inconsistencies here.)

I love the multi-colored Paas fingers. Kara was simultaneously enjoying her freaky fingers and a little concerned that they would not return to their natural state.

Though I have been off the gluten for the past six weeks or so, I made an exception for Easter and made my own Hot Cross Buns. I used this recipe from Betty Crocker only because it 1. utilized my bread machine and 2. was dairy free so I could share the product of my labors with all of the members of our family, even the dairy-allergic ones.

These buns were really pretty. If you make buns/rolls, always use an egg wash on them. It just makes the bread look shiny and golden. Even if they are mediocre tasting, you friends and family will compliment you on the loveliness of the bread anyway. These rolls were ok cold, but warmed up in the oven and slathered with butter, they were great.

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